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Patient Information

We are here for you.

Every staff member of Esterson & Associates Physical Therapy is dedicated and attentive to each of our patient's well-being. When we say that 'we are here for you,' we really mean it. We run on time and accomodate your schedule. We are like family, very warm and open, and ready to welcome you into our facility and provide you with the best out-patient physical therapy experience you could ever have. When we say that our relationship with a patient is 'a joint effort,' we mean that not only do we work with your joints, muscles, and posture, but we also work jointly with you to help you reach your maximum potential for recovery. Over the past nearly 30 years, physicians and other healthcare providers have entrusted their patients to our caring hands. Each month, nearly 100 different physicians and healthcare providers refer patients to us. They know that 'experience counts.' We guarantee that you will be satisfied and are confident that you will recommend others to us as well. If there is anything extra we can do for you to make you more comfortable, please feel free to let any staff member know and we will do our best to make it happen.


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