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Our Privacy Practices



Esterson & Associates Physical Therapy is required by law to protect the privacy of your personal and health information, provide notice about our information management practices, and follow the information protocols described below.


Uses and Disclosures of Health Information

Esterson & Associates Physical Therapy uses your personal and health information primarily for treatment, obtaining payment for treatment, conducting internal administrative activities, and assessing the quality of care we are proud to provide. We use your personal information to contact you to arrange an appointment with us and to properly bill your insurance carrier for the services we provide you with. In addition, we may, from time to time, disclose your health information without prior authorization for public health purposes, auditing tracking, and research studies. In any other situation, Esterson & Associates Physical Therapy will obtain your written permission and authorization before disclosing your personal health information. If you provide us with written authorization to release your information for any reason, you may later revoke that authorization to cease future disclosures at any time. If and when any changes are made in our privacy and confidentiality policies, a new Notice of Information Practices will be posted in the same area for public view. You may request a copy of our Notice of Information Practices at any time. Contact our HIPAA Compliance Officer by calling (410) 747-1600.


Patient's Individual Rights

You have the right to review or obtain a copy of your personal health information at any time. You have the right to request that we correct inaccurate or incomplete information in your records. You also have the right to request a list of instances where we disclosed your personal health information for reasons other than for treatment, payment, or other related administrative purposes. You may request in writing that we not use or disclose your personal health information for treatment, payment, or administrative purposes except when specifically authorized by you, when required by law, or in an emergency. Esterson & Associates Physical Therapy will consider all such requests on a case-by-case basis. The company is not legally required to accept the requests.


Concerns and Complaints

If you are concerned that Esterson & Associates Physical Therapy may have violated your privacy rights or if you disagree with any decisions we have made regarding access or disclosure of your personal health information, please contact our HIPAA Compliance Office at the office address and phone number listed below. You may also send a written complaint to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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