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Dear P.T. Therapy and Staff:

Thanks for getting me back on my feet again! Your sense of humor helped me through every pain. Your devotion to your patients is amazing! Thanks for everything.

E.V.  Owings Mills


...Thanks to you, I can Zumba again! Thanks to you, I can power-walk again! Thanks to you, I can now walk down the steps like an adult! I love you all.

T.R.  Catonsville


...So much gratitude to a staff who is so warm and welcoming, upbeat and encouraging, and experienced and motivating. You patched me back up, almost good as new.

J.O.  Irvington


...It was a pleasure coming to the office. Every time I arrived, I was greeted so warmly by the front desk staff and tech team. I was once a slug and now I am a man!

C.P.  Pikesville


...I am so happy that I am now back to swimming, jumping, and playing! I could not have done it without you! No more pain!

M.O.  Catonsville


To all at Esterson PT, "thank you" for all you did for me. My knees are healthier now than they have been in many, many years. I will never forget all of you.

R. J.  Columbia


...Thank you all for helping with my recovery. You are the most professional and caring group of health care professionals I have ever had in my life!

P.J.  Ellicott City


Dear every single person at EPT: You are an amazing team. You care about all of your patients and it shows! How can I thank you for your kind touch, helping hand, and concern for me and for my family? I bless you all with health and happiness now and forever.

H.R.  Arbutus


Dear crew: Thank you so much for the expertise, attention, and concern you all showed during the past two months. It was half-torture and half-fun, but, I'll try to only remember the fun part. You guys are all amazing! I'll miss you.

S.D.  Linthicum


Who would have thought I could go over 10,000 steps!  My sister has a fitbit and we were together all day. Thank you for the therapy.  I could not have done this without your guidance.

S.F.  Catonsville



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